Bette Lou Voorhis: Oil Painting Artist

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Bette Lou Voorhis is a Texas oil painting artist who sells original oil paintings and Limited Edition GICLEE Prints (3200 dpi ink jets) of the original paintings...The pages of this web site present images of paintings that are available on GICLEE Prints and images that are available as original oil paintings...The four gallery pages, in this web site, contain pictures of the original oil paintings... The pages, other than the gallery pages, show images of paintings that are available as GICLEE Prints...The web site also provides information about the locations around Austin, Texas, where her works are on display.

The following is a description of her work.

"The beauty and drama of nature emanates from the canvas with subtle expressiveness."
Linda Kreutz, special article to
The Austin-American Statesman.

She continues...
"Texas scenery comes alive in the paintings of Austin artist Bette Lou Voorhis.

Her oil paintings capture the diverse faces and moods of the Texas landscape
... A leisurely stroll, a rapid tour, a moment of rest to study a painting more closely or even a quick glance leaves the viewer with a feel for the land and the flavor of our state.

I found Mrs. Voorhis' large landscapes appealing
... She is a gifted and practiced artist in her treatment of sky, water, foliage and landforms... Yet she never allows a scene to become merely a show of technical virtuosity or repetitious in content.

Instead each picture projects a feeling of place and time
... Be it a lonely country road overgrown with greenery and lighted by filtering sun, a water inlet reflecting clear, fresh sky or a hill country vista disturbed by an approaching storm, each has its own identity in the total character of Texas' personality.

Often a man-made element, weathered homes or barns, leaning fences, horses tied to a gate or dusty roads, key a scene or become the focal point of a painting
... Or perhaps a tree set against the action of nature's sky is the subject of closer study."

    * * *    

Most noted as a landscape artist, Ms. Voorhis has extended her repertoire to include impressionist florals, detailed portraits, and vibrant still lifes.

Bette Lou finds painting to be a personal joy and is delighted and grateful for the wide acceptance she has received for her art.

The works of Ms. Voorhis can be found in banks, law offices, motion pictures and private collections as well as the following two locations:


Bette Lou Voorhis Gallery
at The Antique Gallery of Austin
1601 South IH-35, Suite 400
Round Rock, Texas 78664
Gallery Telephone:
(512) 671-SHOP (7467)

Quality Frames & Art
3663 Bee Caves Road
Austin, TX  78746
(512) 328-3631

  For personal appointments and commissioned works, visit her gallery or E-mail her at

This web site has the following address.


The images on this page are available as Limited Edition GICLEE Prints (3200 dpi ink jets) on canvas, signed and numbered by the artist... Prints are available for purchase on this web-site and at the Bette Lou Voorhis Studio, The Antique Gallery and Quality Frames & Art locations.

Click here to view Purchase / Ordering Information.

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