Bette Lou Voorhis: Oil Painting Artist

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Purchase / Ordering INFORMATION

  Original Oil Paintings:
  Some of the images on this web site are original oil paintings, on canvas...Most of the oil paintings are 20" x 24" in size.. These paintings can be purchased at the Bette Lou Voorhis Studio address and at her booth in the The Antique Gallery (Round Rock, TX).. Contact Bette by E-mail ( for further information.  

  Some of the images on this site are available as Limited Edition GICLEE Prints (3200 dpi ink jets) on canvas, signed and numbered by the artist...

GICLEE Limited Edition Prints of paintings by Bette Lou Voorhis are available for purchase at a fraction of the price of the original oil painting.
.. The prints are on canvas and are typically sold with a 5" wide elegant Gold Leaf frame.

Canvas prints and original oil paintings are available for purchase in various sizes and with various styles of frames... Purchases can be made at the Bette Lou Voorhis Studio, The Antique Gallery (Round Rock, TX) or Quality Frames & Art locations.. Contact Bette Lou by E-mail ( for more information concerning what is available.

Bette Lou Voorhis Studio
509 Honeycomb Ridge
Austin, Texas 78746

  Other arrangements can be made for different / special types of purchases by contacting Bette Lou Voorhis via E-mail (, US Mail (snail mail), and telephone.  

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